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Elite 600 Multifunction Robotic Intelligent Floor Cleaner

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 The Elite 600 is a multifunctional and intelligent robotic floor cleaner. It, vacuums, sweeps and sterilizes your floors autonomously. The Elite 600  uses a smart robotic navigation system to move around and between different rooms; Its  sensors and advanced infrared technology detect obstacles and prevent the unit from falling off edges.

Elite 600 Multifunction Robot Vacuum Not just a vacuum cleaner, but a house-keeper as well.

Offers multiple functions:

- Scheduled cleaning mode
- Remote control or hands free operations
- Virtual wall set system
- Touch screen
- Auto-charge
- Cliff sensor to avoid stairs and drop-offs
- Soft bumper to protect the unit and surrounding furniture
- Provides effective cleaning for 90 minutes
- When cleaning is finished or battery is low, the machine automatically returns to home base for self-recharging
Retail Price: $499.00
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Instruction Manual

Thoroughly sweeps and vacuums tiles, thin carpet, linoleum and wood flooring with ease and can easily access areas underneath furniture. 

Powerful and intelligent suction adjustment that will pick up even the tiniest dust particles and adjust to different floor environments.


- Main Body
- Charging Home Base
- Remote Control (battery not included)
- Virtual Wall (battery not included)
- Adapter
- Cleaning Tool
- Extra Side Brushes
- Primary Filter
- User Manual