Pursonic Beard Care 4 piece Gift Set


Your beard will never look the same with our unique 4 piece gift set. Beard brush, oil, serum and Balm. All you need for the prefect beard.

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Your beard will never look the same with our unique 4 piece gift set.


BEARD COMB & BRUSH  The perfect accessory to groom your beard.

Beard Oil 1 oz. Deep moisturizing, smoothing, makes the beard beautiful
and dark.

Contains a variety of vitamin E essences and golden jojoba oil. Beard oil can quickly penetrate deep into the skin to nourish the dehydrated skin and can also supply skin with moisture. It can regulate sebum’s balance and help renew the beard’s texture.

BEARD BALM – 2 ozs.

Firm the shape of the beard with this beard’s daily nursing balm and keep the beard shining for long term.

The balm has multifunctional uses such as shaping, nursing, shaving, etc.


Beard serum can deeply clean the beard and the skin of beard, effectively reducing oil on the skin of the beard, unchoke pores while hydrating to prevent dryness and itching of beard. Besides, it can not only graze beard, but it also reduces the friction force between blades and skin when shaving, thereby reducing the damage from the razor to the skin. Finally, it keeps the beard clean and fresh after using it.


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